We Value Your Feedback

Thank you for joining us at the 2020 VISION Hi-Tech Training & Expo. We would appreciate it if you would please take a moment to provide feedback on your experience at the event so that we can make 2021 even better. 


Surveys completed by end of day, Friday, March 27th will be entered to win* one of three (3) $50 Amazon gift cards or a Chiefs Super Bowl Helmet.

*to be entered to win, attendees must provide their first and last name, company name and email fields to be eligible.  Be sure to complete surveys for each of your sessions, as well as the overall event surveys.  Your name will be entered in the drawing for each individual course survey and event survey that you complete!


Surveys can be completed via the links below
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Individual Course Surveys

Management Training

M1-AB - Bolt On University: Fast Track Your Success

M2-A - Diagnosing and Repairing Your Business

M3-A - Supercharge Your Front Counter Skills

M4-B - Improving Tech/Service Advisor Communications

M5-B - Managing Your Shop Workflow

M6-CD - Introduction to Going Multi-Location

M7-C - Idea Factory: Using Integration to Supercharge Your Existing Marketing

M8-C - Profitability Analysis:  A Better Understanding of Your Numbers

M9-C - Shop Setup for Optimal Workflow

M10-C - Skyrocket Your Profits

M11-D - 7 Proven Marketing Methods to Put Your Shop on TOP

M12-D - Sales, Production, Profits: Transform Your Shop Into a Profit-Generating Machine

M13-D - Exceptional Customer Handling Skills

M14-E - 39% Growth: Embracing The Digital Service Method

M15-E - Back to the Basics: 13 Foundational Strategies for Effective Marketing

M16-E - Confident Selling

M17-F - How to Attract Top Talent

M18-F - Maintenance Profit Master

M19-F - Top Marketing Trends for 2020  - How to Successfully Navigate Digital Marketing

M20-G - 7 Habits of Highly Successful Service Advisors

M21-G - Hiring & Interviewing to Build a Great Team

M22-G - Processes & Procedures: The Key to Success

Technical Training

T1-AB - 6.7L Powerstroke Engine Performance & Emissions

T2-AB - Crash Course on Advanced Drivers Assist Systems and Calibrations

T3-AB - Diagnosing Timing Issues: Ignition and Valve - AND - Intro to Module Programming (LIVE CAR)

T4-AB - Hybrid Electric Vehicles - Diagnosis & Repair

T5-AB - Pressure Waveform Acquisition Analysis From the Inside Out

T6-AB - Vibration Correction Diagnosis (LIVE CAR)

T7-A - Effective Electrical Troubleshooting Practical Application of Domestic OE Schematics

T8-A - GDI Driveability and Diagnosis

T9-A - The Pressure is On

T10-B - Critical Thinking-Diagnostic Strategies

T11-B - Decoding Control Area Network (CAN)

T12-B - Simplifying Electricity Sensor and Control Applications (Hands-On)

T13-B - Turbo Operation & Diagnosis

T14-CD - A/C Operation, Performance & Diagnostics

T15-CD - Advanced Driveability Diagnostic Strategies

T16-CD - Effective Electrical Troubleshooting Modern Electronics Foundations

T17-CD - Fundamentals of PicoScope (Hands-On)

T18-CD - Gasoline Fuel Systems Diagnostics from A-Z

T19-CD - GM Driveability

T20-CD - Hybrid Systems Diagnostics

T21-CD - Module Programming and Coding (LIVE CAR)

T22-CD - Toyota Platforms Operation & Diagnosis

T23-CD - VW/Audi Body Electronics & Bus Systems

T24-C - ADAS: A comprehensive look at operation, set-up and calibration with tools you may already o

T25-C - Common Rail Diesel

T26-C - Hybrid Transmission Technology in BMW and Audi

T27-C - Labscope Usage for the New Owner

T28-C - Simplifying Electricity Sensor and Control Applications (Hands-On)

T29-D - Analyzing What the Ignition Waveform is Telling Us

T30-D - Hybrid Battery Preventative Maintenance, Repair, and Reconditioning

T31-D - Immobilizer and Anti-Theft System Diagnosis

T32-D - Quick Check Diagnostics

T33-D - ZF 8 Speed Automatic Transmission Diagnostic and Overhaul

T34-EF - BMW & MINI Bus Systems

T35-E - 6.7 Powerstroke Diesel Problems and Solutions

T36-E - Activating Your ADAS Knowledge: Diagnosing Driver Assist Systems

T37-E - Active Vehicle Safety

T38-E - Beyond the Four Strokes

T39-E - Decoding the German Brands

T40-E - Effective Electrical Troubleshooting Digital Storage Oscilloscope Setup and Operation

T41-E - Electrical Principles for the Advanced Diagnostician

T42-E - Oxygen Sensor Diagnostics

T43-E - Reprogramming and Flashing

T44-E - Scan Tools: Are all scan tools created equal?

T45-E - Systematic Approach to On-Board Diagnostics II (OBDII)

T46-E - TEHCM Programming

T47-F - Advanced Driver Assist Systems

T48-F - Art and Science of Advanced Drivetrain Installation

T49-F - Diagnosing Difficult Fuel & Oil Deposit Related Driveability Concerns

T50-F - Diesel Emissions and Exhaust Aftertreatment

T51-F - Domestic Anti-Theft Systems

T52-F - Effective Electrical Troubleshooting Digital Storage Oscilloscope Application Testing

T53-F - Euro Evaporative Emission Diagnostics

T54-F - Intermittent Electrical Diagnostics Strategies

T55-F - J2534 Domestic Programming Update

T56-F - Light Duty Diesel

T57-F - VISION TechTalks

T58-G - Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Diagnosing & Servicing

T59-G - Application of Electrical Test Tools

T60-G - BMW Diesel

T61-G - Braking System Diagnosis and Repair

T62-G - Chassis Dynamics

T63-G - Controller Area Network (C.A.N.)

T64-G - Decoding Pulse Waveforms

T65-G - Duramax 6600 Diesel Engine

T66-G - Electronic Transmission Diagnosis

T67-G - Electronic Vibration Diagnosis

T68-G - Engine Mechanical Diagnosis with Electronic Equipment

T69-G - Import Hybrid Operation

T70-G - VTT Variables

T71-E - Modern Ignition System Testing

T72-CD - Hands-on Hybrid Testing